Soaper Delights Workshop Limited (“Soaper Delights“, “we”,“our”or “us“) is committed to safeguarding the privacy of customers in accordance with the Hong Kong Personal Date (Privacy) Ordinance (Chaper486)(the “Ordinance“) under the laws of Hong Kong.
By visiting our website owned and operated by us and providing us with your personal data, you agree that we will collect, use and store your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy (the “Policy“), as amended from time to time. You are advised to check the Policy on a regular basis .

We endeavour to preserve, protect and keep confidential all personal data stored, and/or collected, and/or transferred from you. Please read the followings to learn more about our personal data handling practices.

1.Collection of Personal Data
1.1 The term “personal data“ shall have the meaning ascribed to it by the Ordinance .
1.2 When you visit our website or use our services, the personal data that you may be requested to provide us includes but not limited to your title, name, gender, date of birth, telephone number, email address, residential address, mailing address, nationality, favourite product categories and other personal data.
1.3 You may decline to provide us with the requested personal data, but in such case we may not be able to provide our services to you.

2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Data
2.1 Soaper Delights may use your personal data for the following purposes :
. identifying you, maintaining and managing your membership account;
. providing you with our services and responding to your queries, feedback or requests;
. performing research or statistical analysis in order to improve our products and services and for marketing purpose;
. with your consent, for direct marketing purpose, and for notifying you about new products, special offers and other special promotions;
. for use of our online shopping service at our website;
. order processing, billing and fulfilment;
. processing of payment instructions or collection of amounts outstanding from you in relation to the provision of our services;
. making such disclosures as required by applicable laws, rules and regulations; and/or
. any other purposes directly related to the purpose for which the personal data were originally collected.

3. Personal Data Sharing and Disclosure
3.1 You agree that we may disclose and transfer your personal data to the following parties (whether within or outside Hong Kong):
. our subsidiaries, associated companies;
. our business partners such as website and mobile app operators;
. third party services providers engaged by us to provide (a) data entry services, (b) customer database management services, (c) customer contact services (and service providers may contact you regarding promotions, shopping vouchers, sales ordering, replacement and/or delivery (“Third Party Service Providers”). These Third Party Service Providers are under a duty of confidentiality to us and are only permitted to use your personal data in connection with the purposes specified in Paragraph 2.1. above, and not for their own purposes (including direct marketing);
. any perseon under a duty of confidentiality to us (including our professional advisers and lawyers );
. insurers;
. debt collection agencies, credit, debit and/or charge card companies and/or banks;
. law enforcement agencies, government and regulatory and other organisations.
3.2 We may share aggregated data, provided your identity will not be disclosed by such sharing, with third parties for various purposes (including marketing and advertising), and may use this data in order to better understand your needs and to improve and adapt our products and services.

4. Direct Marketing
4.1 We may use your personal data from time to time to provide you with the latest information on our products and services. We may also share your personal data with other companies and/or business partners who provide the same products and services for their direct marketing purposes in various forms. Your consent is required before we do so.
4.2 You may opt-out of receiving such direct marketing communications from us by contacting us at

5. Confidentiality and Security
5.1 All reasonable efforts are made to ensure that any personal data held by us is stored in a secure and safe place.
5.2 All personal data which we collect is kept confidential to the best of our ability. You will appreciate however, that we cannot guarantee the security of transmission.
5.3 Any of your questions, comments, suggestions or information other than personal data sent or posted to our website will be deemed voluntarily provided to us on a non-confidential and non-proprietary basis. We reserve the right to use, reproduce, disclose, transmit, publish and/or post elsewhere such information freely, including passing it to any associated company in connection with but not limited to development and marketing of products and services and to meet customers needs.

6. Links
6.1 This site may contain links to other sites and pages which are operated by third parties. We have no control over the content of the linked websites or the way in which the operators of those websites deal with your personal data. You should review the privacy policy for those third party websites to understand the ways in which your personal data may be used by those third parties. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any use or breach of your personal data by such third parties.

7. Use of Cookies
7.1 A cookie is a small text file which is placed onto your computer when you access our website. We may use cookie files to store and track information about you and your preferences if you visit our website. We use cookies for a variety of reasons, such as allowing us to maintain your information across multiple pages within or across web sessions.
7.2 Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. You may choose to disable cookies on your computer by changing your browser’s setting. If you disable cookies, you may not be able to use all features and services offered on our website.

8 Access and Correction
8.1 Under the Ordinance, you have the right to access or correct your personal data held by us by contacting us at
8.2 In accordance with the Ordinance, we reserve the right to charge you a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access or correction request.

9. Contact Us
9.1 If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact us at +852 6298 2492 or email to