Soaper Delights

est. 2013 hong kong

~ We provide options for a low impact lifestyle ~


“Soaper Delights” conscious of a greener and fairer living. We provide options for a low impact lifestyle. Products are mostly local-made, Eco-friendly and yet skin-loving daily items. We bring sustainability into all that we do, from the source of ethical quality raw materials, to our local cooperative partners, to our Eco-friendly packaging. Stuff that we and Earth can feel great about!
We handcraft all natural soaps, balms & deodorants that are formulated using vegetable oils, butters, clays, herbal infusions and they are scented with natural essential oils.  We enjoy creating skin-loving soaps and delighted on offering them to customers at affordable prices. We sell only products that we truly believe in and we personally test each and every product.

~ OUR PLASTIC pledge ~


We take pride in producing eco-friendly products that are both good for our customers and good for our Earth. To align with those values, we promise that EVERY order you receive from us will be eco friendly! All of our packing and shipping materials are from recycled and or biodegradable materials. Making our products truly low impact to the environment something that you and our Earth can feel great about!

“ 烏龜自然” is a local brand promoting an Eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle. In partner with local community organizations, “ 烏龜自然” offers local hand-made reusable tools. We believe every little step matters for a better earth!